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Traditional Balls

Elephant Balls - High Quality Pool Balls

Elephant Balls Traditional Series is the most durable, attractive ball set in its price range. Each ball meets all specifications for tournament quality pocket-billiard balls including weight, size, balance and roundness.  Vibrant colors combined with a high-gloss finish makes this set ideal for both residential and commercial use.

Official brand of the ESPN Ultimate 9-Ball Challenge, Men’s ESPN $50,000 International Challenge of Champions, Women’s ESPN $25,000 Tournament of Champions, ESPN Ultimate 9-Ball Challenge!!!

If you need pool balls now, don’t wait, the demand for these balls is high and we have only a limited quantity.  

We have two types of balls:

Traditional Balls - These are the standard regulation pool balls. The retail value is $60. You cost is $14.92

Beautiful Balls- Each ball is a one-of-a-kind work of art following traditional ball colors. The gorgeous marbleized stripes, on balls 9 through 15, make this set ideal for all your favorite pool games. The retail value is $225.95. You cost is only $39.94 per set.

Beautiful Balls



Store #22 Sporting Goods Closeouts

We have a large assortment of brand name sporting goods closeouts from A major west coast sporting goods company. This lot will consist of overstock and customer returns. Categories include: Hunting, Camping, Backpacking, Fishing, Baseball, Softball, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Exercise, Boxing, Martial arts, Golf, Tennis, Racquetball, Ping Pong, Water, Sports, Skate, Games, Winter Sports, Snowboard, Licensed products, Shoes, Binoculars, Sunglasses, Telescopes. We have managed to negotiate the price down to a new low price.


Pricing ladder:

Economy Load - This load is a half a truck and is packed with over $100,000 (approximately) worth of merchandise (at retail). Your cost is only $7,995

Value Load - This is a full truckload with approximately $200,000 (at retail) worth of merchandise. Your cost is only $13,896

Best Priced Load - This package has two fully pack truckloads. Each truckload has approximately $200,000 (at retail) worth of merchandise. Your cost is only $27,194


     This load is great for flea market vendors and discount stores! There is a limited supply.  

Fob: Fontana, CA  
Restrictions: Merchandise must be sold east of the Mississippi River or by special approval



New Athletic Footwear Closeouts
We have 1st quality, past season, athletic footwear for Men and Women. The brands consist of Nike, Reebok, Fubu, New balance, Adidas, Puma, Avirex, Ryka, Avia, mizuno and other major brands. There wont be any private label shoes in the mix. The shoes tend to have a average age of 12 months. No sandals. We can adjust size of your mix, if your market demands it.
Pricing ladder

500 pairs (2 pallets) - $25.95 per pair. Minimum order
1,000 Pairs - $22.95 per pair
2,000 Pairs - $19.95 per pair
4,000 pairs (20’ container) - $17.95 per pair
8,000 Pairs (40’ container) - $14.95 per pair

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Low-Priced Sporting goods Returns Load


        Sporting goods closeouts include GPS units, Smokers, and BBQ Grills, Hunting supplies, camping  supplies, tents, Fish Finders, Exercise equipment, Basketball Goals, Baseball and Softball, Bats and equipment, Pitching Machines, Football and Soccer equipment, Wake Boards, Ski’s, Kneeboards, Pool tables, RC cars, Bikes, Trampolines, Patio umbrellas, Watches and much more. All merchandise is hand loaded.


       Wholesale prices rage from $26,000 – $35,000. If the wholesale cost for the sporting goods closeouts is $26,000 your cost is only $4,160 for a full 53’ truckload. This is a very cheap load for quality customer returns.


Price: 16% of wholesale cost.                FOB:Texas


Restrictions: Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida And Louisiana.




Hunting, Fishing, and Camping Gear
The majority of this load consists of hunting, fishing, and camping gear.(No exercise or multi-sports equipment). 30-36 Pallets per load. This is one of our customer's favorite loads.
Once you place your order you will able to choose the truckloads you want. We will email you the manifests of the truckloads that are available(usually 3-4 truckloads). Minimum order of one 53' truckload.
FOB IN                          Price: 27% of wholesale cost
Restrictions: Call to find out if you qualify to sell the hunting fishing and camping gear.
You will need to use excel to view the manifest. Please click here to download a free copy from Microsoft's website.

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