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      Banana boxes are items which were not sold by the original supermarket chain. These items will include dented cans, boxed goods with crushed corners, close to or slightly past expiration date, label changes, overstock and shelf pulls. The large majority of grocery products that make there way into a banana box are salable. A small percentage will be throw-away.

      The banana boxes are assorted. There are 48 pallets to a truckload.


Our banana boxes are only $384 per pallet.



Fob: IN.

Hba banana boxes(banana boxes with stricly HBA) are $40 a banana box

Pet food banana boxes is priced at only $295 per pallet

Note: We also offer as is case lots of groceries. Please e-mail us a detailed list of categories or products that you need and quantity and price per case that you would like to pay.

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Grocery Shelf Pulls - In great condition

 You choose the inventory you want. We have both brand name product and private label shelf pulls available. You wont find better prices then these. 


Please click here to receive a inventory of the available shelf pulls.


Fob: IN

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We have four truck loads per week direct from our store #11 reclamation center. Each load consists of 26 pallets of shelf pulls and customer returns. You can create your own truck loads. Below please find the price per pallet .You can choose from the categories bellow to make you own truckload. These great prices are based on truckloads only (26 pallets/up to 7' tall pallets).
A) HBA and NonFood- can include toothpaste, well known name brand perfume, cosmetics, aspirin, non food includes out of date, etc.(for every HBA pallet you have to buy one pallet of bulk goods)......................$880.00 per pallet
B) Plastic- (pail, containers, etc.)....................$345.00 per pallet
C) Bulk - (Paper goods, Diapers, female products, tide,may also include large electronics such as hair driers etc.).......$430.00 per pallet
D) Food/Snacks- (candy, gum, soup, Cans, cereal, snack, peanuts, etc.)..........$465.00 per pallet
E) Cleaning- (mr.clean, windex)...................$475.00 per pallet
F) Juice/Water/Soda-
(approixmately 300-400 pcs per pallet)..$325.00 per pallet
G) Pet food & Supplies- (dog, cat, bird) .............$525.00 per pallet.

Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have to

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