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What kind of liquidations do you take care of?
We offer a wide variety of bulk liquidation merchandise to cater to the unique needs of our buyers. A majority of the liquidation merchandise we offer through our mailings are brand new. 
Categories of liquidations we service include: Furniture, General Merchandise, Hardware, Toys, Paint, Food, Clothing, Electronics, Jewelry, Housewares, Sporting Goods, VHS/DVD/Music, and Gift Merchandise.

What kind of companies do you do business with?
We conduct business with manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. These companies need to liquidate their merchandise immediately and understand they will not be able to get premium dollar. We purchase their entire liquidation inventory and break the lots up into individual truckloads in our warehouse and offer the merchandise to all of our customers.

How long do liquidations take?
Liquidations tend to take between one week to two weeks to complete. The time it takes to conclude a transaction depends on the demand and the price of the liquidation merchandise.

How often do you send emails to the mailing list?
We send out an average of one mailing every two weeks. We do not advertise our customer return lots on our mailings. The mailing list exists simply to inform our customers of our latest liquidation merchandise.

Are liquidation merchandise more profitable then the customer returns that have flooded the internet?
Liquidation merchandise tends to be more profitable then customer returns, since the merchandise is low priced, brand new, and are fully manifested. When you deal with liquidations, you know what your getting before-hand.

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