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  1. is in the wholesale business of buying and selling salvage and Returned goods to businesses.  Salvage and Returns consists of customer returns, factory seconds, irregulars, overstocks, and out of season goods. Buyer shall be solely responsible for and shall pay the cost of all shipping arrangements for transportation of the merchandise.
  2. Merchandise may not be offered for resale by buyer or secondary purchaser within fifty-(50) mile radius of store chain or catalog of origin.
  3. Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold Harmless from any and all claims of any kind or nature, including but not limited to all claims, demands or actions arising from any sale or resale of store or mail order catalog merchandise.
  4. Buyer agrees and acknowledges that all merchandise sold according to this agreement is sold AS IS. Seller makes no guarantee or warrantee, expressed or implied, and without limitation, of merchandise fitness or marketability.
  5. Any merchandise delivered with store identification marks (i.e. tags or labels), require the buyer to remove or deface identification marks from the product.
  6. Buyer shall not advertise the merchandise using store or mail order catalog name.
  7. Buyer acknowledges and agrees that any purchases of store/or catalog merchandise are on a non-exclusive basis and subject to availability.
  8. This agreement is for a period of five years from the first transaction date. Buyer agrees that all information received will be kept confidential. Buyer agrees not to circumvent seller and will not make any contact, direct or indirect, with supplier without permission of seller.
  9. We arrange shipping as a convenience for our customers. However, the purchaser is responsible for transportation costs from the distribution center(s) and/or warehouse(s).It is understood that all claims and/or shortages must be submitted directly to the freight carrier within five days.All merchandise is shipped F.O.B. Shipping Point. All freight is collect.


It is agreed that by placing a order, you accept this agreement and will hold harmless and waive rights to any claims against, its officers, employees, associates and affiliates, in the event of losses, missing quantities, and defective items found in the goods purchased. Should any dispute arise, you agree that exclusive jurisdiction and venue for any litigation arising out of such dispute shall be in New York NY.

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